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Turning business process workflows into powerful apps quickly, test & iterate, and deploy via the cloud

Don't just map out a process.


Run them, test them, iterate on them. Find the best possible configuration now and then make it even better as your business grows.


The team at Magma Digital has used many databased application tools over the years. Our philosophy has always been to help our clients find cost-effective tools.


Most importantly, we believe that the planning process, exploration of UI/UX best practices and engaging end-users will help deliver on the promise any new application. This is where your time should be spent. 


To curtail time and resources needed for development, we searched for tools that support agile development and minimize code. In our search for the best tools, we've uncovered a tremendous app-building tool: Kintone.


San Francisco-based Kintone is making teamwork better with its low-code application platform that provides organizations with a customizable workspace that integrates multiple data sources for deeper insight into business processes.


Kintone eliminates the cost and maintenance requirements of traditional off-the-shelf applications while dramatically increasing team and workflow efficiency.

What if Kintone is not right for my project?

We don't believe that one solution is right for every project. If you're already on a platform that you love, or there is another platform that meets your requirements, we'll work on that platform. 


What's most important to us is that you have a solution that is the best fit for your organization.



More about Kintone

Custom applications built with Kintone range from CRM, project management, asset management, SCM, and much more.


That's the power of Kintone no-code / low-code business process management. Kintone Low-Code / No-Code Business Process Management Platform Features:


  • Branched Workflows

  • No-code Process Management

  • Notifications + Trigger-based Reminders


More than 7,500 companies have built, deployed and use approximately 350,000 applications on Kintone. Kintone is provided by Cybozu Inc, a Tokyo-based public company founded in 1997. For more information, please visit


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