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Digital solutions for Life Sciences/Health Technology/Public Health

What do you need to achieve?


Are you trying to educate healthcare providers, patients and sales forces? Do you need to catch the attention of prospective clients in pharma and biotech and differentiate your service or technology?  Are you looking for a solid go-to-market strategy or developing tools to help you with your research, collaborate, or manage data workflow?


The team at Magma Digital works directly with life sciences, mental health and public health organizations, providing digital strategies, application development and implementation services. We also support agencies and consultancies that require our specialized skills or simply additional bandwidth. We have digital roots and extensive experience in developing solutions that work for the highly regulated life sciences industry.


Our services and digital solutions include:
  • Consultation
    • Digital marketing strategy development

    • Business workflow and data capture application development & planning

    • Customer Engagement strategy

    • Customer retention strategy development

    • Social media strategy

    • Analytic insights to drive creative development and measure program effectiveness

    • Competitive market analysis

    • Search engine marketing (SEM/digital advertising)

    • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    • Usability testing

    • Accessibility review and recommendations

  • Creative development
    • Comprehensive digital marketing programs

    • UI/UX creation

    • Visual storytelling

    • Content marketing, including white papers, blog posts, case studies

    • Speaker presentations

    • Interactive training on products, software, policies & procedures

    • Unbranded disease state websites and other patient support materials

    • Automated email campaigns

    • Landing pages

  • Technical execution



Our clients include:


  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Medical device and diagnostic technology manufacturers

  • Pharmaceutical marketing/advertising/promotional agencies of record

  • Boutique pharmaceutical marketing/advertising/promotional agencies

  • Life sciences industry vendors/suppliers/partners, include software developers, market research firms

  • Life sciences industry consultancies

  • Medical research organizations

  • Government (NIH, CDC, OMH, NIEHS)

  • Public health organizations and associations

  • Life sciences industry associations

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